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Captain McCann is one of the most respected mariners in our maritime community.

He has spent a life time perfecting his skills as a Master Mariner.

He has worked with and trained many of the professional mariners navigating our waters today.

I have worked alongside Captain McCann for close to 30 years. His integrity, passion and attention to details is beyond measure.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Captain McCann to fulfill all of your Maritime needs.

             Captain Stan Hansen

             Port Captain

             Cape May Lewes Ferry

Rick is a detail orientated Captain who is always ready to help his personnel reach their limits and look beyond their comfort zone while supporting their growth. Thank You

Kerry Grant
Norfolk, VA

Rick McCann and Ballast Marine Services have proven a tremendous help in the acclimation to our new vessel; a Ranger Tug.  Although I have captained other boats before, the challenge presented by the Tug and the tides was unique.  Rick provided a calm and considered approach to his lessons.  He helped me become more familiar with my boat, its strengths and utilities for navigating and docking and provided the much-needed confidence to learn in a stress free, safe environment.  After just a few short lessons, I was comfortable with my new boat.  His service has enhanced our enjoyment.  I would not only recommend him to every new boater or new boat owner, I intend to utilize his services to enhance my navigation and seamanship skills.  Thank you Rick, for your help and assistance.  We would still be struggling without your guidance.  


Jim Devine 



That is Rick McCann, of Ballast Marine Services.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick for over 20 years. I've always been impressed with his devotion and loyalty to being a Professional Mariner, and his unending passion and respect for all aspects of the Marine Industry.


One of the most impressive things about Rick is his willingness to share his immense knowledge with others, in a caring, insightful, and humble way. Although he is tremendously experienced, his calm, genial demeanor and guidance makes one feel comfortable, no matter what their level of boating abilities are during his training.


I could share many stories about his personal guidance with me concerning boat safety and handling, all of which have made me a better boat captain to this day. However, the following is a clear example of the caring, dedicated professionalism Rick McCann offers his clients.

A few years ago, we were on a pleasure cruise on our boat, with our respective families in the Florida Keys. We were at least 6 miles offshore when a random tropical squall quickly appeared upon the horizon. Rick saw it approaching and calmly alerted us that it was time to head in to shore. The storm was coming from the land side; we had no choice but to head straight into it. My husband was at the helm, continuously asking Rick for his guidance. Rick stayed by his side, I stayed by both so I could learn as well. Rick could easily have taken control of the boat, yet his innate nature was to be there as a teacher in case we ever got into that situation again. It was a very long, slow, scary, wet ride back to shore, yet Rick's calm guidance on how to read the huge swells, and rain whipping winds got us back to shore without too many white knuckles. If he weren't for Rick's professional assistance, I dare to say it wouldn't have turned out quite so well.


Rick has also spent countless hours with me concerning all aspects of boating. As the official first mate of our pleasure boat, and subsequent charter business, I asked Rick question after question after question. His willingness to share his extensive knowledge has been invaluable to me. He has personally guided me on every aspect of boating.

Thanks to Rick and his unending support, my husband and I each got our 6-pack license. Of course it's nothing compared to Rick's life long experience, but I am so much more confident behind the helm, and on the water, thanks to Captain Rick!

I am a grateful student of Rick McCann. Be prepared for the unexpected, Safety First. I have learned that from Rick. His knowledge and experience are truly priceless!



Wendy Myers

Jersey Shore/Florida Keys

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