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After nearly 50 years as a professional mariner, Captain Rick McCann retired and finished his first novel, “Two If By Sea,” for years all he ever heard was “Captain Rick, you ought to write a book.”  So, he did!  Rick was always reading mystery and thriller novels which, when he decided to put words to paper it was a natural progression.  Rick is not a total novice when it comes to writing.  He has had several articles published in trade publications and penned his own tour guide booklets for his personal sightseeing cruise business, he also has an article coming out in Mystery and Suspense Magazine in their December issue.  The Cape May, NJ area is where Rick grew up and lives today.  He sailed all over the world with the US Navy and deep-sea merchant ships before returning to Cape May to raise a family and sail for the Cape May Lewes Ferry where he earned his Master License for Unlimited Tonnage ships upon Great Lakes and Inland Waters.  Rick is the proud father of 5 beautiful children, 5 wonderful grandchildren, and husband to his beautiful wife Peggy.  

Past Accomplishments

Pubs, Policies, and Procedures!

I began dabbling in the writing process by producing many items for my employer, the Cape May Lewes Ferry.  There I produced many of the Forms still used today there.  There were times that I collaborated with fellow workers but usually I bore the brunt of the production and intellectual process to produce the Forms, Policies, and Procedures still in use today.  

I then decided that this wasn't enough for me and started to Freelance my talents to Trade Publications and had several articles published by Workboat Magazine, Foghorn Magazine of the PVA and even provided Pilot Magazine (AOPA) with articles as well.  I even have an article published on the Mystery and Suspense Magazine's website under "Marine Thrillers."

While producing all of the above, the idea to write a book began to form and I set my mind to begin, never really thinking I would ever get published.  But, after nearly 20 years from thought to seeing it in print, my novel was published on October 10th, 2021!  

I was under the mistaken impression that I had completed my task set forth 20 years before, but alas little did I know that the hard part was just beginning!  The little fish in the great big ocean of books needed much more than just being published!  It seems that writing and getting published is just the beginning and is the easy part.  Somehow the book needs to get a following so it can become seen by those that have influence in the literary world so it can thrive.  Being a good book and a great story will not get the results without the help of the influencers.  I will continue to seek out those that can provide the needed stage for my "Labor Of Love!"

Rick McCann, USMM Master (Ret.)

Author, Two If By Sea

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